Great Success!

Installation of 1000 tons eccentric press has done by Ales Pres with succesful and without any problem in Pressan Company.

Installation With Number

Total Press Weight: 192 ton
Lower Deck: 50 ton
Carriage Group: 30 ton
Upper Deck: 67 ton
Columns : 15 ton
Moving Table: 10 ton
Tie Rods: 13 ton

Characteristic Specification of 1000 Tons Eccentric Press
Nominal Pressure (Kn)10000
Stroke Adjustment (mm)350 Fix
Slide Adjustment (mm) :0-250
Stroke Per Munite6-20 spm
Daylight (mm) :1100
Working Height (mm) :500
Passage Between Columns (mm) :1300
Main Table Dimensions (mm) :3000X1800X145
Carriage Table Dimensions (mm) :3280X1800X125
Motor Power (Kw) :110
Slide Adjustment Motor (Kw) :4
Total Weight (kg) :190000
Feeder Circuit / Frequency / Phase :~400V / 50 Hz / 3f
Pneumatıc System Pressure (bar) :6
Max. Clutch Speed (dk-1) :1000
Pneumatıc System Pressure (kg) :5000