Ales Pres Kalıp Mak. San ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. 's top management as the company needs to be done for the development of this policy and support.

Comply with laws and standards, customer needs and demands with the lowest possible cost and provide the highest quality, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and ready to keep all the resources necessary for this purpose,

Our goal is zero error, or any other phrase with reference to only the desired level of quality than to determine whether errors, preventing errors in principle to obtain,

Quality system for continuous improvement in all processes to be successful plan, apply, check availability, take the precaution to use the methods applied,

ISO-9000 according to the norms of quality management system to create, develop, maintain, and thus gain access to the world market and the market is to remain,

Employee satisfaction,

Level of quality, installation and customer value by identifying potential errors with the input and the final quality control / quality costs put forward,

To achieve the desired quality levels Ales Pres Kalıp Mak. San ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.'s All staff, regardless of the quality-conscious to be desired, to move with the spirit of the same quality,

Educate all employees.

Supporting the objectives of this policy on an annual basis to identify and improve the quality of the first task is the responsibility of management. For this reason, all the resources necessary to ensure compliance with the quality policy, implementation and realization of the objectives identified under the guaranty of top management.