Special solutions for specific jobs

In order to meet requirements of industries like White goods, Automotive, Light metal etc. We are offering high-quality and flexible solutions. Ales Pres and Heilbronn as well designing presses to maintain increased production capacity and quality.

Blanking line with with straight-sided eccentric press 8000 kN, table size 4800x2500 mm, stroke 300 mm, number of strokes 0-60 per minute, daylight 1200 mm, Automatic die change “T-track system” by means of 2 die carts on rear side of the press.

C Frame Eccentic Press with Stern Flywhell
• 2000 kN
• Automatic Stroke Adjustment
• Photocell Guard Fence
• Quick Die Change System

Portal presses in special press design for the manufacturing of small cans, zig/zag mode, using steel or aluminium sheets. Tolerance free roller guided ram for the use of non-pillar guided blanking and forming dies.