Greater power, longer life...

Pneumatic Equilibrating Cylinder
Gear Groups in Oil Bath
Clutch/Break Combination With Oil
Higher Mould Clamping Distance
Removable Main Table
Cooling System for Clutch/Break Combination With Oil
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» Adaptable for
Transfer Systems
  • • Fix Stroke
    • Stress Relieving Treatment
    • Slide With Six Guides
    • Motor Forward/Back Control System
    • Centralized Lubrication
    • Photocell Guard Fence
    • Pneumatic Equilibrating Cylinders
    • * Motorised Carriage Adjustment System
    • * Hydraulic Overload Protection System
    • Pneumatic Clutch/Brake Combination
    • Double Selenoid Press Safety Valve
    • Gear Groups in Oil Bath
    • CE Certificate
    * Valid Only 100 Tons And Top Models
  • • Inverter
    • Clutch/Break Combination With Oil
    • Quick Die Change System
    • Pneumatic Cushion
    • 2nd Table
  • ** Carriage At Bottom Dead Center,Slide At Up
  • * Maximum Stroke,Carriage At Bottom Dead Center,Slide At Up